Illustrated Blogger Portraits – BodyPosiPanda!

Recently I’ve felt inspired to draw portraits of a few of my favourite fashion & lifestyle bloggers. There are so many lovely, inspiring ladies out there – with important things to say as well as beautiful images to share.

The first is Megan Jayne Crabbe aka BodyPosiPanda. Megan describes herself as a “body positive, feminist, ED warrior” – her writing and pictures are always confident and refreshing in a world that primarily encourages women to feel unlovely and inadequate because of how they look. I also wanted to draw her frankly awesome pink hair and infectious smile. If you fancy reading something uplifting without too many meaningless ‘life, laugh, love’-style platitudes, check out her blog.

Fashion Illustration Portrait of Blogger BodyPosiPanda
In other news, if you are reading this, that means I am currently on holiday here in Spain! 10 days in the Alpujarra mountains… ohhh yesss. I’ll be sure to show off with some (hopefully) jealousy-inducing photos!

– Rachel xx


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