Back from the Alpujarras!

Hi all! I’m still alive – promise!

If the blog has looked a little empty lately it’s been because I’ve been on holiday in Spain; 10 days at Cortijo Opazo in the Alpujarra mountains.

Basically my average view each day looked something like this:

The mountain view just above Bubion and Pampaneira

The villages were also incredibly pretty. Every building is painted white in the traditional Moorish style, and there were flowers everywhere.

Flower house in Pitres, Spain

Passgeway in Pitres, Sierra Nevada, Spain


La Meta Discoteca in Pitres, Spain

Our villa at Cortijo Opazo

My feet selfie with some succulents

I did a little sketching, but nothing amazing, since I bought the wrong pens with me and there are zero art shops up there! D’oh!

Hopefully next time I’ll be updating with some more artwork – I’m focusing on getting an Etsy store up & running, so lots to prepare!

– Rachel xx



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