Throwback Thursday – Illustrated Mural in Cambodian Fashion Boutique!

While I was living in Cambodia, I had the good fortune to be offered some properly awesome illustration jobs – mostly painting murals for schools, businesses, etc. Really fun, and something I’d love to do more of here. (So if you’re looking for a mural artist in the London-ish area, e-mail me! )

Artillery, (on Street 240 1/2 in Phnom Penh) is a cafe with a mini fashion boutique upstairs, which focuses on ethical trading, sustainability and supporting local makers. They invited me to pretty much freestyle something on their wall after I attended a few of their Drink & Draw events.

I sketched out onto the wall in pencil, using some references from my sketchbook, and then went over it with black acrylic paint and marker pens, added touches of colour with watered-down acrylic paint.
Mural in Artillery Boutique, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

mural in fashion boutique, phnom penh

Mural painted in a fashion boutique in Phnom Penh

Detail of mural

Unfortunately the mural was destroyed by flooding after a couple of years. But it’s still something I’m happy to have worked on, most definitely! I miss the cool, artistic spirit of Cambodia, particularly Phnom Penh, where businesses value having a unique vibe and aren’t afraid to experiment a little. As wonderful as London is in many ways, it is often too expensive and the creative world feels a little elitist in comparison to other places I’ve lived/worked in. Ah well! At least I can walk a mile without dying from the heat here!

– Rachel xx


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