Fun Foodie Dim Sum Illustration! Yum!

One thing I miss from living in Asia is the food… delicious, steamy dim sum! So, I figure, why not commemorate that in a gouache illustration with a cheeky hand-lettered slogan? And guess what? Prints are available on my Etsy shop – you can even get 20% off with the code PRECIOUS16 until mid-September!


I’m new to hand-lettering (as you may be able to tell?) but I’m relatively pleased with how this turned out. Next time I’m going to try & make it a little smoother and more regular – but I also think that perfect-looking letteringcan be a little dull, and this does at least balance out quite nicely with the painted dumplings & crockery!

It’s currently making my shelf at home look a little cuter:


You can buy your own copy here if you’re also a fan of jiaozi! Top tip for anyone living in Phnom Penh – visit Chinese Noodle Restaurant near the Bayon Bakery on Monivong Blvd. Looks like a dive, but the food there is SO GOOD!

Does anyone out there have any tips for creating flowy, balanced hand-lettering? What tools do you use? I’d love to know!

– Rachel xx


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