Taking Part in Inktober 2016!

Throughout October, many artists and illustrators aim to draw one image a day using traditional inking tools – markers, pens, bottled ink, etc. Throughout ‘Inktober’ the idea is to produce 31 ink-based drawings over 31 days.

A lot of people follow official (or non-official) prompts and themes to get them stared, such as this one from http://inktober.com/:


All you have to do is create an ink drawing (following the prompts or not) and post it to social media including the hashtags at the bottom of the image above. Simple!

Personally, I am not following a prompt list, because I have my own aims for development this month, and want to follow my own intuition and ideas each day, with my own targets for improvement.

Although I have always used ink in my work, I ordinairily stick to outlining, either using a very thin-nibbed pen or a miniatures paintbrush. This Inktober, my 3 personal guidelines are:

  • include inked hand-lettering in every image – my lettering skills need a lot of work!
  • use ink as the primary medium in each image – I usually only use ink for outlining, but this month I want to develop my use of tone and washes
  • have a colour scheme of black, white and either yellow/cyan/magenta in each image – helps to keep thing simple and graphic with a pop of colour in each image, and also creates a cohesive unit when viewed on my Instagram as a group (I’ll write more another time about my work on finessing my Insta-brand!)

For the curious, here are my first 7 days worth of images. Admittedly, I missed the real life day 1, and I expect a visit from the Inktober Police any second. (Just kidding: there are no Inktober police; if you miss a day, don’t let that become an excuse to give up!)

intober-drawing-2016Day 1

prettier-on-pinterest-inktober2016Day 2

starsarecalling-inktober-2016Day 3

heartbreakclub-inktober-2016Day 4

getcrafty-inktober-2016Day 5

girlgang-inktober-2016Day 6

teen-witchDay 7

I’ve been quite enjoying working on these, although I’ve kept each image relatively quick and low maintenance. You can definitely tell days where I put more effort into the lettering! What do you think?

Have you been working on Inktober? If so please share in the comments, I’d love to see your work! Have you given yourself guidelines? How have you been finding doing an image a day? Add me on Instagram or Twitter and let’s share some inky goodness!

-Rachel xx


One thought on “Taking Part in Inktober 2016!

  1. Am also doing inktober, but am a rookie when it comes to drawing. Am following the prompts and just keeping it simple. Nothing to difficult. Your art is awesome! I like the second image.


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