Precious Little Illustration belongs to Rachel de Ste. Croix, an illustrator who has worked internationally & lived in the UK, Cambodia and Vietnam. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in Illustration and has been freelancing ever since. Rachel now lives in an unfashionable part of London where she drinks a lot of fancy teas while listening to podcasts.

Rachel works primarily in pen and ink, with a good dash of acrylic paint and colouring pencil thrown in, when she isn’t working with PhotoShop. She is heavily inspired by classic illustration from the ‘golden age’, Β graphic novels, girls’ romance and horror comics, and traditional South-East Asian brush painting. She has worked with Mogzilla Publishing, Amelia’s Magazine, Sketchbook magazine, and SongSaa Private Island.

Rachel is available for comissions – portraits, murals and more! Please contact racheldsc@gmail.com

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